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(Available 24/7 By Appointment Only)

My name is Jeanette Hada and I am an experienced licensed notary public and certified loan signing agent. I provide prompt and professional Notary Services at your location, your office, or any mutually agreed upon location within Bay Area, California. Meeting at my office in the Silicon Valley is also available and at a lower rate.

Notary Services include: Notarization of all legal documents, deeds of trust, power of attorney, living trusts, wills, agreements, traffic school documents, affidavits, real estate loan closing documents, and more.

Professional Affiliations: National Notary Association - Commissioned, Bonded and Insured

Additional services offered: Loan processing, Affordable legal plans that cover you and your family. Business Legal Plans also available. Please complete the contact form above or email me for more information.

Please note: I am NOT a licensed attorney and therefore cannot provide legal advice on immigration documents or other legal matters.

Legal Plans

Call to schedule a signing! (408) 230-3491
I am available immediately for a signing.

Please make sure that you have valid identification for the signing. Names on identification must match the name being signed.

Any one of the following Valid Identifications (providing they are current) are acceptable:

  • California Driver's License
  • California Identification Card
  • Two credible witnesses (for a person who does not have current ID)
  • Mexico Driver's license
  • US Passport
  • US Military ID Card
  • Inmate ID Card
  • Other State Driver's License
  • Other State Identification card, Canada Driver's License
  • Foreign Passports stamped by USCIS
Please complete all forms except signatures and notarized areas.

Please review all documents for the correct spelling of names and correct dates.

* Please have all your paperwork ready for the signing. Do not sign the documents before, I have to witness your signature; also have your ID or Driver License ready (other forms of identification are accepted too).

As a Notary Signing Agent:
I will meet with the borrower at a designated location, ensure that the borrower signs, initials and dates the loan documents in all appropriate places, and then notarize the borrower's signature where necessary.

Once this is completed, I will make sure that the signed and notarized loan documents are delivered to the closing agent or other designated office.

How does this benefit the borrower?

By meeting the borrower at home, office or other convenient location for the signing, this will eliminate the need for a time-consuming trip by the borrower to close the loan.

This is more convenient for both the closing agent and the borrower. I will also provide assurance that the signed and notarized documents will be delivered by the pertinent deadline.

As a Notary and Loan Signing Agent, I will display a high level of honesty and integrity in doing this job.

Don't take time off work! Get your lender's loan documents, real estate deeds, powers of attorney, living trusts & other legal papers notarized at your home or office in San Francisco or Bay Area.

Services Offered
- Laser Printing with Legal Size Capability
- eDocs
- Large email Files
- Copies
- 24 hrs a day
* $8 Per notarized signature
* $10 Starting with traveling
* $150 For Most Loan Signing Document
* E-Docs with extra fee $30 For Printing
** Discount Available for Multiple Loan Document Signings !! **

Traveling Fee: $25.00-$30.00
(Depending on the location/during business hours)

After hours Emergencies ( 9:00pm - 7am ) $75.00
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Graphical Amortization Calculator for 30/15 Year Fixed Loan

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